Safer Spaces at NAVA


This document provides guidance to those participating in NAVA events (including meetings and consultations) on how we can be responsible to each other and create a safer space for everyone. This document aligns with the good practices outlined in NAVA’s Code of Practice.

Acknowledgement of Country

NAVA staff, presenters and facilitators will Acknowledge Country at the beginning of the event and when introducing themselves. Others can Acknowledge Country when introducing themselves or at any time using the chat function when the event is taking place online.


Use people’s pronouns and share your own if you are comfortable doing so.


Be mindful of the privileges and power dynamics you may bring to the conversation, including but not limited to:

  • Whiteness
  • Not being d/Deaf or Disabled
  • Speaking English as a first language
  • Identifying as cisgendered
  • Identifying as heterosexual
  • Class or wealth
  • Personal or institutional power/influence
  • Living in a city
  • Not having caring responsibilities
  • Age in relation to those around you
  • And many more

Safety and boundaries

  • Respect other people’s boundaries and privacy.
  • Help create a safer and harassment-free space for everyone.
  • Don’t comment on someone’s appearance.
  • Don’t make assumptions about someone’s experiences. An individual’s experience is distinct to them and may not reflect that of others.
  • Avoid tokenism and don’t pressure participants to be spokespeople for their communities.


  • Respect the voices of others.
  • Keep conversations balanced. Do your share of active listening and speaking.
  • Be mindful of the impact your words might have on others.
  • Understand how language can uphold systems of inequity.
  • Expect diverse viewpoints and respond to others’ views with curiosity and respect.
  • If someone uses offensive language or a patronising tone with you, respectfully tell them to stop.

Reporting concerns

If someone is acting in a way that does not contribute to a safer space, please let NAVA staff know. By attending a NAVA event you acknowledge that you may be asked to leave if your behaviour is deemed unsafe for other participants.