Tarik Ahlip

Tarik Ahlip is a multidisciplinary artist working on Dharug and Gadigal land. Working across film, sculpture, verse and sound, Ahlip’s practice considers poetics as capable of driving epistemic change.

With a recent focus on video and film, Tarik Ahlip has made the video work SOLSTICE for Utp, and the film Paradise commissioned by West Space. Paradise is a meditation on ritual, the religious strictures around the act of killing for sustenance, and the migrant act of reinvention. It considers the ethical imprint of a theologically inflected worldview and post Enlightenment epistemologies. He is currently working on two short film projects for exhibition in 2024 and completing a degree in Renewable Energy Engineering at UNSW. 

Ahlip’s solo exhibitions include Phosphorus at Verge Gallery (2022); eXsanguin (2019) at LON Gallery; Lysergia (2018), Womanchrist (2017) and Neuro P.2 Lov (2016) at Alaska Projects; and Negative (2015) at Chapter House Lane. 

He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Architectural Studies, both from UNSW. 

In this conversation with NAVA, Ahlip reflects on his path as an artist and his exciting transition into making filmic and collaborative works.


Video production by Playground / ArtVid 2022.

Photo of Tarik Ahlip by Anna Kučera

ID: Photo of Tarik Ahlip sitting on a black chair in front of a timber wall frame. He has a stubble beard, is smiling and his hands are gently clasped together. He is wearing a black t-shirt, an open blue and grey striped shirt with sleeves rolled up, and black jeans and shoes.