Guidance for reopening

Resources to help artists and arts organisations reopen as COVID-19 restrictions ease.

At the outset of the pandemic, NAVA advised all Members to undertake immediate strategic revision and risk management work – with your boards, in the case of Organisational Members.

With re-opening guidance being offered at state level, it’s now time to check in on your strategic revision and undertake new risk management work:

The Australia Council's RE-IGNITE is a two-part response to the changes needed at this time: 

  • Re-activate which supports jurisdictional compliance, offering a step-by-step guide to gathering information, determining whether you're going to resume operations or practice, developing a plan, preparing to resume, implementing your plan, and then monitoring, managing and adjusting; and
  • Re-imagine that seeks to influence the national response to COVID-19. This plan will position arts and cultural activity at the heart of the nation’s recovery. The Australia Council is working with NAVA and other peak bodies, jurisdictions, health and other stakeholders, in the development of this work. It is expected to be completed and available by mid-June.

If you’re running an artist-run space, gallery or museum, note the helpful resources that have been put together by each state’s key bodies:

If you’re a contemporary artist whose practice spans multiple disciplines, here’s some guidance from other art form bodies:

If you are unsure of what the current restrictions are in your state, you can find further information on each State Government website: