ARIs: What's Next for Artist Led Action?

Facilitated by Justine Youssef as part of HOBIENNALE (2.0) 6.30-8.30pm, Tuesday 19 November 2019, Studio 65, Hobart

There have been and continue to be significant changes to funding, space, accessibility, social and cultural expectations of artist led organisations and cooperatives - all factors that contemporary artist led organisations and cooperatives are having to navigate. NAVA is committed to playing a greater advocacy role with ARIs and will be collectively developing content for the Code of Practice that sets a benchmark of best practice relative to these initiatives. As part of HOBIENNALE 2.0 (HB19), NAVA hosts this discussion where key speakers will highlight concerns on behalf of their respective organisations and then generate direct action ideas that the arts sector can take to better support the validity and continuity of artist led organisations and cooperatives.

Key Speakers: Hayley Pigram (Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative), Liam James (Constance), Olivia Koh (recess), Robbie Handcock (play_station). Facilitated by Justine Youssef (NAVA and PARI).

Details: 6.30-8.30pm, Tuesday 19 November 2019, Studio 65 65 Murray St. Hobart

Accessibility info: Please contact Studio 65


HOBIENNALE is a free festival of art, music, performance and public programs presented in and around Hobart, Tasmania, by a collective of independent artist-led organisations and cooperatives from around Australia and New Zealand. 

Across 15 - 23 November 2019, the festival brings together 21 artist-led organisations and cooperatives, showcasing the work of around 100 artists and musicians in 21 exhibitions across 15 venues.

Artists in discussion at Hobiennale panel

Photo: Lucy Parakhina

Artists and audience gather to discuss artist run initiatives and best practice

Photo: Lucy Parakhina

Justine Youssef in conversation with artist run initiatives at Hobiennale

Justine Youssef in conversation with artist run initiatives at Hobiennale. Photo: Lucy Parakhina