Creative Industry Pedagogies in a Chaotic World

16 March, State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St VIC

PRESENTED BY: Monash University School of Media, Film & Journalism in association with Flinders University.

Event Information
16 March 2020, 1-7pm
State Library of Victoria,
328 Swanston St VIC

You are invited to participate in this public event bringing together artists, cultural intermediaries, researchers, activists and teachers to address the development of pedagogies for the creative industries that will serve the sector well in the short and long term. In so doing, this event will explore how to plan for the issues facing the future creative industries workforce, enabling the sector to navigate the current economic, cultural and social, realities and the unforeseeable challenges of the future suggested by current environmental emergencies. These realities and challenges include (but are not limited to):

  • Issues of gender and power imbalances confronted by the #metoo movement
  • Access, inclusion and participation in the creative industries
  • The ongoing effects of precarious labour and the wellbeing of the workforce
  • Sustainability of the sector and its ecological responsibilities
  • The future of creative work and workers

Keynote Speaker: Dan Ashton, University of Southampton

Panel: Justin O’Connor (University of South Australia), Xin Gu (Monash University), Paul Long (Monash University), Chair: Tully Barnett (Flinders University)  

Provocation: Ian Mason (QUT Creative Enterprise Australia), Chair: Paul Long (Monash University)

Dialogue: Amanda Coles (Deakin University) and Mark Taylor (Sheffield University), Chair: Veronica Pardo, Multicultural Arts Victoria

Roundtable: Tracy Margieson, Arts Centre Melbourne; Esther Anatolitis, National Association for the Visual Arts; Marcel Dorney, Elbow Room, Facilitator: Nicole Beyer, Theatre Network Australia. 

Places are limited and we recognise the challenge involved in committing to the afternoon. Please let the organiser know via email ( if you are able to join us for the full day or are attending for the Public Panel from 6.00pm - 7.00pm.