Public Art Projects: Planning and Delivery

A webinar for teachers and educators, presented by NAVA and hosted by Flying Arts Alliance.

Illustration by Emily Johnson.

The terms ‘Art in Public Space’ and ‘Public Art’ are often used interchangeably, and generally refer to art that is made with the specific intention of being situated in the public domain, often outside, and intended to be accessible to a wide audience. Taking many forms, it can be permanent or temporary, site-specific or simply for display purposes. With the growing interest in public art, there are new and different opportunities for artists and schools to engage.

This webinar, presented by Penelope Benton, General Manager of NAVA, discusses basic guidelines that can ensure quality, agency and ethics in the process and outcomes of public art projects in education contexts. From contracting and intellectual property protocols, through to safety and maintenance issues, it explores the practical considerations for the planning and delivery of public art projects in or with schools.

3.30 - 4.45pm AEST Thursday 30 July