NAVA Talks AI in Arts Practice

Artist Kailum Graves will join NAVA to discuss his approach to incorporating AI in creative expression, 1-2 pm AEST, Wednesday 29 May 2024.

Image: Emma Pham, 2024.

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About Session 

Artist Kailum Graves will discuss his approach to incorporating AI in creative expression, exploring its potential to inform artistic expression while addressing questions of authorship, authenticity, and ethical implications. From generative AI to collaborative endeavours, the conversation will highlight opportunities for innovation while considering the ethical, societal, and existential implications, particularly focusing on the homogenising impact on creativity. Kailum advocates for a balanced approach that embraces AI’s transformative potential while critically examining its societal and ethical dimensions. 

1 hour + question time.

The session will be recorded and made publicly available.

Kailum Graves

Kailum Graves is a multi-disciplinary and conceptual media artist based in Meanjin [Brisbane] and currently undertaking a Fellowship in Germany while working on projects in the Netherlands. Kailum’s research delicately exists in a space between photography, Internet art, algorithmic art, and digital performance. He is particularly interested in the way humans use technology to transform, manipulate, and transcend natural environmental limits.

Date and Time

1-2pm AEST online, Wednesday 29 May 2024

Free - Registration required.


These sessions will be Auslan interpreted and live captioned. If you have any additional access requirements, please contact as soon as possible.

About NAVA Talks AI

NAVA Talks AI is a collaborative series of good practice conversations on the use and impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on work and practice in visual arts, craft and design. While AI presents a world of creative and supportive potential for artists and arts workers, it also poses significant challenges regarding copyright, consent, creative/cultural autonomy, Indigenous sovereignty and labour. Artists, arts workers and organisations must be central to these conversations to navigate the evolving landscape.

In May, we welcome you to join three online sessions where industry experts will tackle legal and ethical tensions at the intersection of AI and arts practice. Explore the potential and risks of generative AI in areas like Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP), copyright and Intellectual property (IP), and artists’ work and livelihoods. These sessions will offer a space for discussing good practice approaches to protect artists’ rights and ensure adequate compensation. 

NAVA Talks AI will also assist in informing NAVA’s ongoing advocacy work in the AI space.

Participation is free. Register for each session to join the conversation.

Robyn Fernandez

QLD Professional Development Coordinator

This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

NAVA acknowledges and pays respects to the rightful custodians of the many First Nations Lands upon which this online event will be streamed and received. We recognise all Custodians of Country throughout all lands, waters and territories, and pay respect to First Nations communities' Ancestors and Elders. Sovereignty was never ceded.