Episode 12: Performance Art in Pakistan

Rabbya Nasser & Hurmat Ul Ain in conversation with NAVA around their most recent performance as part of the Public Body.02 at Artspace in September 2017, their collaborative practice.

Episode 12

Rabbya Nasser & Hurmat Ul Ain, 2017, Artspace.

For this episode we speak with Rabbya Nasser & Hurmat Ul Ain, two artists from Pakistan who are in Sydney presenting a live performance work as part of the Public Body .02 exhibition at Artspace in September.

Rabbya & Hurmat are performance artists who have collaborated for several years, and work as artists, curators and educators in Pakistan and internationally. In this episode we discuss their collaborative practice, what we can expect from their work, and explore what it means to be a performance artist today. 

Read more about The Public Body .02 exhibition on the Artspace Website.