Episode 14: Fake Art Harms Culture Senate Enquiry

Gabrielle O'Sullivan (IAC), BiBi Barba (AITB) and Judy Grady (Copyright Agency) in conversation about the introduction of policy to protect Indigenous artists against Fake Art.

Bibi Barber, Artists in the Black, Arts Law Centre of Australia wearing a Fake Art Harms Culture shirt

Bibi Barber, Artists in the Black, Arts Law Centre of Australia. Photography by Jamie James

In this episode, we discuss the Fake Art Harms Culture campaign.

The Fake Art campaign is being run by Arts Law, the Indigenous Art Code and Copyright Agency, to introduce policy to protect Indigenous artists against Fake Art being made and sold in Australia.

We speak with Gabrielle O'Sullivan, BiBi Barber and Judy Grady about why this campaign is so important and how artists and arts workers can get involved with the current Parliamentary Inquiry.

The Fake Art campaign suggests over 80% of Aboriginal products sold in Australia are not authentic – meaning they are not made by or credited to Australia's Indigenous peoples. It is important that Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people’s rights are protected and this means stopping the fake art and holding companies, individuals and dealers to more transparent and ethical processes.

We encourage artists and the sector to get behind this issue and make a submission ahead of the 3 November 2017 deadline.

This discussion was part of the NAVA Book Club, held during Artspace’s Volume Another Art Book Fair 2017.