Episode 19: Girrawaa Arts Centre & Art in Corrective Services

Girrawaa is an Indigenous Arts Centre in the Bathurst Correctional Facility. We speak to the centre manager and a participant about the value and role of art in corrections.

Episode 19

Girrawaa Arts Centre, photo courtesy of CSNSW.

For this episode we are in Bathurst at the Girrawaa Arts Centre in Bathurst Correctional Facility. Girrawaa was established in 1998 as an initiative for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander inmates to connect with culture, develop their art practice and sell their work.

We speak to the centre Bryan Reiri about the value and role of art in corrections and one of the participants about his experience in the program. 

The Arts Centre is open to the public and works are available for purchase. More information is available via the Corrective Services website.

Thank you to Tasman Munro, social designer working with corrective services, and to Corrective Services NSW.