Episode 24: Erica Green in conversation

Esther Anatolitis in conversation with Erica Green, the curator of 2018 Adelaide Biennial. They discuss the curatorial approach to 'Divided Worlds' and the role of the arts to celebrate difference.

Photograph of an artwork projected on floor to ceiling screens, coloured dots are visible on the screens

Installation view 2018 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Divided Worlds featuring Daniel Boyd, TEACH A MAN TO FISH, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide. 

Photo Saul Steed 

'Difference is the natural order of the world' Curator, Erica Green.

For this episode, Esther Anatolitis is in conversation with the curator of 2018 Adelaide Biennial of Australian art, Erica Green.

The curatorial theme for this biennial is 'Divided Worlds' and 'this substantial pantheon of intriguing artists, speak variously to the drama of the cosmos and evolution, on beauty and the environment, and they reflect on human life and society, the diaspora — and the past, and the future' (Adelaide Biennial)

The exhibition runs across various venues in Adelaide until 3 June, 2018.