Episode 3: Gender Politics & Industrial Relations

Audrey Hulm (aka ADHOC) in conversation with Devon Taylor, director of The Women's Circus, an arts organisation for women.

Episode 3

Image courtesy of The Women's Circle, from 'Fluidity' by Penelope Bartlau & Chantal Wynter.

In this instalment of NAVA: In Conversation, Melbourne-based artist and producer Audrey Hulm ( aka ADHOC) speaks with Devon Taylor, the Executive Director of The Women's Circus, a 26-year-old arts organisation with a strong legacy for fantastic community and artistic support programs for women. The Women's Circus is also a key player in the Arts West partnership, that harnesses a collective of Arts organisations to revitalise and celebrate their place in Footscray, Melbourne.

They touch on a broad range of subjects around Feminist legacy and gender politics, funding, and the increased pressure on the Australian Arts sector to provide advocacy and services to citizens, as health and welfare service providers face continued funding cuts.

Find out more about the Women's Circus, and ADHOC.