Episode 32: Jeff Khan in conversation with Penelope Benton

Writer, curator and Artistic Director of Performance Space, Jeff Khan is in conversation with Penelope Benton about Performance Contemporary and Liveworks 2018.

Jeff Khan

Jeff Khan in Branch Nebula's performance for 30 Ways With Time and Space, presented by Performance Space at Carriageworks, 2013. Photo: Lucy Parakhina

In this episode, Jeff Khan is in conversation with NAVA’s Penelope Benton. Jeff Khan is a curator and writer working across performance, dance and the visual arts. He is the Artistic Director and CEO of Performance Space, and co-curator of this year's Performance Contemporary currently showing as part of Sydney Contemporary Art Fair.

Jeff shares his recent experience in Taiwan as part of ADAM - Asia Discovers Asia Meeting for Contemporary Performance; the thinking behind works selected for Performance Contemporary in the context of the art fair; and gives us a snapshot of what to look forward to in PSpace’s upcoming Liveworks 2018: Festival of Experimental Art.

Performance Contemporary runs 13-16 September, 2018. Full program and details on the website.

Liveworks at Performance Space, Carriageworks runs 18-28 October, 2018. Full program details and tickets available on their website.

Artists can receive a discounted ticket for Liveworks. The discount code provides a $25 ticket for up to 5 full priced shows. Details and applications via the Performance Space website.