Episode 36: Jeremy Smith in conversation

Arts Practice Director of Community, Emerging and Experimental Arts at the Australia Council chats to Esther Anatolitis about the conversations we should be having as artists and organisations in Australia.

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith in a onesie by Adele Varcoe, Wowzzzeee at FOLA 2018. Photography by Silvano Giordano

‘Both the ‘Community and Cultural Development’ (CACD) and the ‘Emerging and Experimental Arts’(EEA) sector are the vanguards of the exploration of new genres of artistic practice and artistic practice and I think it’s a really exciting part of the Australian arts ecology as we move into the future’ -Jeremy Smith

In the midst of travelling around remote and regional Australia, Jeremy Smith sits down the Esther Anatolitis at the NAVA office to talk about his role at the Australia Council for the Arts, and the future of community, emerging and experimental arts in Australia. The conversation covers Jeremy's career trajectory, recent projects and future plans.

Jeremy provides provocations for artists and organisations working in Australia, and asks 'what difference can I make in the here and now?'