Episode 45: Make or Break

Esther Anatolitis in conversation with collaborative artists Make or Break: Connie Anthes and Rebecca Gallo, about what happens when arts policy neglects artists.

Portrait of the two artists wearing matching blue boiler suits and orange caps, standing in front of their work - a pink curtain and three LED scrolling text displays

Make or Break with their work, Influence Operation, 2019. Image courtesy of Campbelltown Arts Centre. Photo by Document Photography. 

“I think we'll see organisations essentially deciding which artists get supported as opposed to artists applying directly to a funding body… There's independence at stake: the idea that artists can maintain independent practices where they instigate projects that may or may not operate within an institutional context...” 

This podcast looks at Connie Anthes and Rebecca Gallo’s collaboration Make or Break and what happens when arts policy neglects artists.

Make or Break is a collaboration between Connie Anthes and Rebecca Gallo that began in 2015. Make or Break has worked across gallery, institution, festival and nightclub contexts to produce a range of process-based art projects. These have included creating experimental economies that address precarity and privilege; using galleries as live work spaces; performing personal admin for an audience; co-writing texts; circulating fictional currencies; making books; celebrating the invisible labour of strangers; and facilitating conversations and workshops as alternatives to traditional forms of research. Make or Break is passionate about exposing the role and visibility of labour, process and the artist/audience relationship in ways that question and challenge the social and political systems that surround us. 

NAVA in conversation

Logo by Laura Pike 

Music by Marcus Whale  

Editing by Bec Stegh