Episode 53: Emele Ugavule

In this podcast, Georgia Mokak chats to Emele Ugavule to discuss Emele's recent article, Pause and think before you rush online.

Illustration of Emele Ugavule  on pink background

Illustration by Emele Ugavule 

Emele Ugavule is a Tokelauan Fijian storyteller. Her research and practice area of interest is Oceanic Indigenous-led storytelling, working across live performance, film, tv & digital media as a writer, director, creative producer, performer, educator and mentor. Her work explores creative processes and outcomes grounded in Indigenous ways of knowing, and nurturing the vā where embodiment, cultural expression, digitisation and neuroscience intersect.

In this episode we discuss the themes of Emele's recent article for Witness Performance, Pause and think before you rush online.