Episode 39: Feminist South

NAVA's Penelope Benton in conversation with Chinese-Australian artist Amy Suo Wu and artist, curator and founder of Feminist South, Kelly Doley.

Photograph of Amy Suo Wu & Kelly Doley at the opening of Thunderclap

Amy Suo Wu & Kelly Doley, image courtesy Artspace

Feminist South is a curatorial project and research platform spanning across 2017-2019 that aims to generate discussion on contemporary feminist practice located in and around Asia, Australia and the Pacific regions.

In collaboration with I: project space, Feminist South is currently presenting a part-shop, part-sewing workshop and part-exhibition by Amy Suo Wu, where she employs steganography to publicly redistribute the erased work of Chinese anarcho-feminist He-Yin Zhen (1886–1920) through the medium of clothing accessories.

'Thunderclap' is currently showing at the Artspace Sydney Ideas Platform until 10 March 2019.