Khaled Sabsabi

Multi-media and installation artist

Multi-media artist Khaled Sabsabi's work reflects the complex and often fraught space of border identities, migrant territories and identity production, characterised by an ever changing and contingent nature. Born in Lebanon, Sabsabi migrated with this family to Australia in 1978, to settle in Western Sydney a predominantly migrant area.

Sabsabi has been very involved in Art and Community work, especially with at-risk communities, in youth prisons and other facilities. This strong commitment to social advocacy resonates in his art practice. His work is socially engaged, exploring the polemics and ambivalence of cultural encounters often at points or zones of contact that are deeply fraught. His works interferes between zones of conflict and familiar suburban images highlighting the contrasting experiences of life lived within and outside of the reality of violence. While his work is informed by a diverse social and political landscape, it resists overly didactic readings.

Photo by Joan Cameron-Smith