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Brianna Munting

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Artist Studios factsheet

This factsheet provides some general guidelines for finding and maintaining a studio and studio practice.

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Storage Solutions

This factsheet takes you through storage solutions to assist in maximising your studio space and productivity.


Conversations and take-aways for NAVA from the recent HOBIENNALE festival.

NAVA Book Club

NAVA’s Book Club, as part of Artspace Sydney’s Volume 2017 I Another Book Fair, invited people to connect and discuss Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander protocols, policies and rights.

The Power of the Collective

NAVA's Deputy Director, Brianna Munting discusses industrial relations in the visual arts.

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Managing your ARI

Top 5 considerations for managing your ARI.

Connie Anthes

Visual artist working in painting, ceramics and installation.

Khaled Sabsabi

Multi-media and installation artist

Jess Scully

Jess Scully is a curator, policy thinker, festival director and media producer with a focus on the arts, creative industries, and engaging communities in the public realm. Jess chats to NAVA about what it means to run a festival and how curators work across many different platforms.

Justene Williams

Justene Williams is a Sydney artist whose work encompasses video, photography and performance.

Sarah Goffman

Sarah Goffman is an Australian contemporary artist whose works often involve her reuse of everyday consumable items, transforming discarded objects into socially engaged installations and assemblages.

test space

test space

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Putting on a Show

This factsheet provides you with a nuts and bolts checklist that will help you to plan and present your next exhibition.

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Copyright Basics

This factsheet discusses the ins and outs of copyright law.

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Moral Rights

This factsheet outlines artists moral rights legislation.

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Events and Festivals Factsheet

This factsheet takes you through the considerations for putting on an event or festival in a public space.

George Poonkhin Khut

George Poonkhin Khut is an Australian artist and interaction-designer working across the fields of electronic art, design and health. In this video George discusses the ways artists can build relationships and opportunities in other industries outside of the arts.

Kelli McCluskey

Kelli McCluskey is an artist and co-founder of tactical media art group, pvi collective [est 1998] and is head girl at CIA studios. She chats with NAVA about the ways artists can advocate for change.

Keg De Souza

Keg de Souza has an interdisciplinary arts practice that is socially engaged and often collaborative. She works across many media including inflatable architecture, video, installation, performance and artist's books. Keg talks to NAVA about the unique opportunities and methodologies for developing collaborative practices in a national and international context.

Bridie Moran

Bridie Moran is the former Program Manager for the National Craft Initiative. In this video she provides craft practitioners with some tips and tricks for finding stockists for their work.

Oliver Watts

Oli Watts is a Sydney-based artist, lecturer and curator, who works across a range of media including painting, collage and video. NAVA spoke to Oli about how artists actually make a living from their practice.

Kim Fasher

Kim Fasher is a Sydney based artist/curator. Kim chats to NAVA about working on projects and sites that exist outside the gallery space.

Sebastian Goldspink

Sebastian talks to NAVA about the process of setting up Alaska and the role artist run initiatives have in supporting experimental practices.

Rochelle Haley

Rochelle Haley is a professional artists who has continually expanded her practice through national and international residency opportunities in Australia, Asia and Europe she chats to NAVA about the importance of residencies for developing artistic practice.

Sarah O'Sullivan

Sarah chats to NAVA about the ways artists can use social media to generate new opportunities and exposure outside of the gallery environment.

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Licensing Copyright

This factsheet takes you through your options for licensing your copyright.

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Valuing Art, Respecting Culture

Valuing Art, Respecting Culture is a protocols document that continues on from work undertaken by many individuals and organisations, in providing a guide for appropriate ways to work with Indigenous Australians.

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Indigenous Culture and Community Guidelines

Issues and Protocols Specific to Indigenous Practitioners: Indigenous Culture and Community Guidelines are intended to further inform the practice of people who work in the Indigenous Australian Art Industry.

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The Project Brief

This checklist will help you develop a project brief for the commissioning of a public art project.

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This checklists details contractual considerations when running workshops.

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Selling from Exhibitions

This factsheet provides guidance on providing accurate and transparent information about exhibition policies.

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Selling from Museum and Gallery Shops

This factsheet provides information on best practice for selling from shops.

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Resale Royalty

Find out the facts on Australia's Resale Royalty scheme.

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Inventory Template

This template will assist you in organising your studio and your artwork, tools and stock inventories.

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Is It Worth It?

This checklist helps you assess if a particular exhibiting opportunity is really worth it.

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Budget and Visual Concept Fees

This checklist provides you with considerations for preparing budgets associated with creating public artwork.

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Public Art Commission Contracts

This checklist takes you through the suggested inclusions of a public art commission agreement.

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Residency Contracts

Got a residency coming up and looking at the paperwork? This checklist takes you through the possible inclusions for a residency contract or agreement.

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The Selection Process

This checklist takes you through the process of that is undertaken when selecting a successful public art commission.

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Commission Contracts

This checklist provides an overview of special purpose commissioning agreements.

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Setting up an ARI

This factsheet will help you define and refine your ARI development and operations.

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Governance Models for ARIs

This factsheet takes you through the governance options for setting up an ARI.

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Commercial Gallery Representation

This factsheet is indicates the core services a gallery providing full gallery representation may offer and what to expect from these relationships.

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Exhibition Contracts

This checklist outlines the possible inclusions and considerations for drafting or entering into an exhibition contract.

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Steps to Becoming Incorporated

This checklist takes you through the steps to becoming an incorporated association.

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Association's Constitution Checklist

This checklist will take you through the rules and operating needs of ARIs.

Personal Property Securities Act

This factsheet explains the Personal Property Securities Act and how artists can register their ownership of artworks before consigning them to a gallery.

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Empty Spaces

This factsheet takes you through how to engage with access and manage empty spaces.

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Planning an Exhibition

If you are planning an exhibition you and the venue should work through this checklist at the negotiation stage.

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Renting Studio Spaces

This factsheet takes you through the process of leasing a studio space and being a tenant.


Born in Maitland, New South Wales, Nell’s work deals with birth, sex and death understood through physical experiences of impermanence.

Tony Albert

Tony Albert (b. 1981, Townsville, Australia) weaves together personal and collective histories to create his unique assemblage works.

Lindy Lee

Lindy Lee is one of Australia’s foremost contemporary artists, with a career spanning three decades in Australia and internationally.

Craig Walsh

Craig Walsh is primarily interested in hybrid and site-specific projects and the exploration of alternative contexts for contemporary art.

Sally Smart

Sally Smart has long been concerned with the feminine identity from both a contemporary and historical perspective.

Other Videos

Access intimate insights and top tips for working as an artist in Australia.