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NAVA premium

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists and Income Tax

A practical guide by Brian Tucker CPA, providing general information on income tax issues associated with the production and sale of art by Indigenous artists.  

Code of Practice drafting underway, plus opportunities for writers

Progress update, overview of recent consultations, and upcoming opportunities to contribute to the Code revision.

EOIs open for Code of Practice Writers

The National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) is seeking writers to contribute to the major revision of its Code of Practice.

Code of Practice March Consultation 2022

NAVA is hosting a one-hour conversation on environmental sustainability for our major revision of the Code of Practice.

Code of Practice Revision: Consultations

A progress update on NAVA's revision of the Code of Practice and opportunities to get involved.

Code of Practice Revision: Accomplishments and Next Steps

A progress update on NAVA's revision of the Code of Practice, plus upcoming opportunities to get involved in the drafting process.