Events & Festivals

Need help navigating through permissions and compliance for starting a new arts festival or hosting an event? We've got you covered.

In this video, Alex Wisser chats to NAVA about getting permission to start Cementa, a biennial festival of contemporary art in the town of Kandos in the NSW Central West. 

Getting Started

Planning your Project


If you are looking to produce a festival or event it pays to spend a considerable amount of time planning and preparing for the project. in a public place, then you will have to follow certain compliance guidelines. These guide outlines what you need to consider when planning your event.

Engaging the Local Community



Image by D. Knierm

Networking is a necessity for helping you build your community and make real connections with potential collaborators. These guides will help you find and approach the local artists, galleries, cultural centres, council, schools, media and other festival organisers.


How are you going to pay for this?


Before you even begin thinking about fundraising, or approaching partners and sponsorship, you need to be clear on exactly what you will need to make your ‘project’ happen. This includes calculating your expenses and knowing what to look for in a potential sponsor or partner and how that relationship operates, what the deliverables are there for the project and what you will offer the partner or sponsor in return for their contribution.


Promoting your Event

NAVA Online Courses

Photo by Yu Ye Wu.

There's no point hosting a festival or event if you don't have an audience. Letting people know what you're doing, why you're doing it, and why they should come is crucial to a successful project. 


Managing Risk

Censorship panel

It's important to detail and mitigate any potential risks that might arise through the development and implementation of a project/event so you're ready should something go wrong.