NAVA provides a number of resources to assist artists in setting up a studio or gallery, or finding existing ARIs, studios and residency programs and getting involved.

Artist Run Initiatives

ARI resources and national listing


Fontanelle, Adelaide SA

Artist Run Initiatives (ARIs) generate opportunities for artists and curators to experiment, learn and share, through providing exhibition opportunities and developing social and creative networks that benefit artists and local communities. This section is designed to assist you in setting up your own ARI, or finding an existing ARI in your local area and getting involved.

Studios & Residencies

Resources and national listing

Artspace studio

It’s important to have dedicated and separate space for creating your work. This section is designed to help you find and manage studio space, and/or access and make the most of residency opportunities.

Events & Festivals

Permissions and Compliance

Alex Wisser, Cementa, Kandos

Alex Wisser, Cementa, Kandos

Need help navigating through permissions and compliance for starting a new arts festival or hosting an event? We've got you covered.