Studios & Residencies

It’s important to have dedicated and separate space for creating your work. This section is designed to help you find and manage studio space, and/or access and make the most of residency opportunities.

Types of Spaces

What, where, how?

Studio by M. Behrens

Studio by M. Behrens

Taking the form of a digital editing suite, a painter’s studio, a foundry, a hacker space, a kitchen, wood shop, library or even an aquarium, the shape the contemporary artist studio is as diverse as the types of contemporary art it generates. Our factsheets below go through some general guidelines for finding and maintaining a studio and studio practice, or residency.


Studio, 2013, Michaela Gleave

Studio, 2013, Michaela Gleave, courtesy the artist and Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne.

Various institutions offer free or subsidised residencies for a finite period of time. Often these spaces select residents based on an application and an outline of the proposed project/s.

Commercial Lease

Tom Polo on Queen St Studios Exterior.

Tom Polo on Queen St Studios Exterior.

Many artists eventually tire from migrating studio spaces and seek out a more stable commercially leased space to undertake work.

List of Studios & Residencies


NAVA Premium Plus membership

NAVA Premium Plus Membership: We've got you covered!

Artists will often need their own insurance cover for their studio practice or residency.NAVA's Premium Plus membership includes 6 types of insurance for professional visual artists:

  • Public Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Professional Indemnity Extension
  • Property in Custody or Control
  • Tenants Liability
  • Personal Accident

Further Reading

A bite from the Big Apple

Michael Zavros, photo by Sardi Klein

In 2015, NAVA Board member, Michael Zavros was a beneficiary of the Australia Council for the Arts' residency program. In this article, Michael gives a glimpse into his time at Greene Street studios and the effects on his practice.

The rise of maker spaces in Perth

Studio, Courtesy MANY 6160. Photo: Dave Sharp.

Image: Courtesy MANY 6160. Photo: Dave Sharp.

Perth has been undergoing a creative boom with independent makers and artists banding together to form new communal studios and artist run spaces including MANY 6160 and Success in Fremantle, Another ARI and Daphne. Anna Dunnill reports.