Watch the videos of each session of Future/Forward 2018 and interviews with attendees.

Session videos

Day 1

Welcome to Country 
Paul House, Ngambri custodian
Welcome to the NGA: Nick Mitzevich

Artistic courage ignites Australian culture
Launching NAVA's next Strategic Plan and our plans to revise the Code of Practice.

Let’s listen  
Led by Peter White & Richard Bell
Timely issues in First Nations contemporary arts

Let’s form an ARI  
Featuring Patricia Piccinini
A facilitated hypothetical on artist-run-initiatives and other models of self-organisation

Let’s work the public space  
Featuring Fiona Foley and Nick Mitzevich
Case studies and policy priorities for art in the public spaces

Let’s defend our rights  
Featuring Oliver Watts and the Copyright Agency 
Championing artists' rights and sustaining an income

Day 2

Welcome to Parliament
Justine van Mourik, Director Exhibitions and Collections, Parliament House

Last minute addition: ARI discussion with Llewelyn Millhouse and Channon Goodwin

Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield

How to create policy change 
Led by pvi collective
A scenario game to reset our thinking

How to redress inequity  
Featuring Abdul Abdullah
A facilitated set of critical scenarios that build commitments towards shared actions

How to advocate
Featuring Michaela Boland and Nicholas Pickard
Case studies in best practice advocacy for ongoing influence and impact

Future/Forward actions  
What will NAVA take into the Code?
What will NAVA campaign for?
What will we do together?

Interviews with attendees

Photos from Canberra

All photos by Zan Wimberley

Audience at Day 1 Future/Forward

Audience at Day 1 Future/Forward

Penelope and Esther with NAVA's Strategic Plan

Esther and Penelope with the Strategic Plan

Richard Bell and Peter White

Richard Bell and Peter White

Break time

Break time

Break time

Break time with George Baldessin’s “Pears”

Patricia Piccinini

Patricia Piccinini

Esther, Fiona Foley, Nick Mitzevich

Esther, Fiona Foley, Nick Mitzevich

Oliver Watts and Esther Anatolitis

Oliver Watts and Esther Anatolitis

Penelope & Esther

Penelope Benton & Esther Anatolitis

Gabriel Nodea, Esther Anatolitis and Minster Mitch Fifield

Gabriel Nodea, Esther Anatolitis and Honorable Mitch Fifield


Lunch at Parliament House

pvi collective

pvi collective host 'Disobedience Rules'

Llewellyn & Channon

Llewellyn Millhouse & Channon Goodwin

Esther & Abdullah

Esther Anatolitis and Abdul Abdullah in conversation about 'How to redress inequity'.

Nick & Michaela

Esther Anatolitis, Michaela Boland and Nicholas Pickard; 'How to advocate'.