New space: a mentorship program for emerging ARIs

A unique mentorship program for South East Queensland based artists who are wanting to start a new Artist Run Initiative.

As part of our Queensland program NAVA has offered a unique mentorship program to a group of South East Queensland based artists who who are wanting to start a new Artist Run Initiative. The participating group of artists will mentored by directors of Cut Thumb ARI, and will develop a project plan to launch their new space.

Throughout the mentorship program artists will work with directors of Cut Thumb
-  Establish a vision for their ARI
-  Locate potential spaces to establish their ARI
-  Identify audiences and artists who will engage with the space
-  Identify potential funding sources
-  Gain an understanding of the role and duties of a director of a ARI
-  Gain an understanding of the insurance and compliance obligations involved
    in managing an ARI

The program will involve 6 fortnightly mentorship sessions including reciprocal studio visits and tours of local ARIs and exhibitions in Brisbane. A group of 6 young and emerging artists have been selected to participate, stay tuned for more updates from this exciting new program!...  

A photo of the group in session

New Space participants during a mentorship session led by Callum and Lu

Cutthumb directors Lu Forsberg and Callum McGrath
Cut Thumb directors Lu Forsberg and Callum McGrath

Photo by Tim Walsh

About Cut Thumb: 

Cut Thumb ARI was founded in early 2015 by artists Lu Forsberg and Callum Mcgrath to promote and support the creation of contemporary experimental art in Brisbane. Our program largely consists of solo one-night shows with a focus on new-media, video, installation and site specific works. Cut Thumb endeavours to actively contribute to the critical dialogue within the Brisbane contemporary art community and aims to strengthen discussion surrounding emerging experimental art.

Lu Forsberg  

Brisbane-based artist Lu Forsberg works predominantly with new media, assemblage and sculpture to examine socio-political issues within the Australian landscape. Forsberg's practice is transfixed with the contrasting elements of natural and built environments and the long-lasting, progressing impacts of colonisation in Australia. Their research is informed by ecological economics, addressing the nexus between environmental, social and economic systems. Forsbergs recent work examines how these systems - in particular the processes of the resource economy - contribute to the contemporary urbanised Australian landscape. 

Callum McGrath 

Brisbane-based artist Callum McGrath utilises screen based media to ‘disidentify' binary representations of queer male sexuality. His practice disrupts queer representations of sexuality by exploring the in-between space in queer male identity. Predominately focused on video, McGrath’s work is influenced by queer history as a process of cultural inheritance, yet it challenges this process by representing queerness on the screen in a state of flux. His practise considers the importance, problems and limitations in inheriting both queer and lineal pasts

This program is proudly presented by the NAVA and Cut Thumb ARI with support from Arts Queensland. 

If you have any questions regarding the program please contact NAVA's QLD Program Coordinator, Sophie Chapman: