Sophie Chapman

Q&A Blak Curatorial Exchange

NAVA talks to Blak Curatorial Exchange program mentors, Freja Carmichael, Jo-Anne Driessens and Amanda Hayman about some of the highlights of the program.

Q&A Ben Tupas

NAVA chats to Ben Tupas about LIT Festival and working in Toowoomba.

Q&A Grace Dewar

NAVA chats to Grace Dewar about the impact of the First Coat festival in Toowoomba its future.

Q&A Cut Thumb ARI

NAVA chats with Lu Forsberg and Callum McGrath to discuss highlights of an ARI mentorship program held in Qld.

Sustainability of practice

a participatory forum which explores opportunities in building strong and sustainable practices for artists. Including guest speakers: Hamish Sawyer, Vernon Ah Kee, Jo St Baker, Donna Davis and facilitated by Katie Edmiston 

Independent Publishing Now

A public forum which discusses the opportunities that independent writing and publishing that present for artists and curators.

Where to next...?

A career management intensive for mid-career artists presented by NAVA and Flying Arts Alliance. Applications to participate close 16 February.

Best practice: working together with artists

NAVA and Artisan present a professional development intensive for emerging arts workers. Through a program of talks and discussions, participants will engage with industry professionals to examine best practices of working together with artists.

Contemporary Curating: The Gig Economy

A public forum presented by NAVA, QCA Griffith University and QUT Art Museum, supported by ACUADS.