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Best Practice: Commissioning Art in Public Space || Adelaide

A feedback consultation on commissioning art in public space, 3 - 5pm 26 June 2019 at ACE Open in Adelaide. 

Image: Jason Sims, Golden Rhombohedron (acute), 2017, stainless steel, reflective glass, polished concrete and LED lighting, 450 x 220 x 330cm (including plinth). Commissioned by Adelaide City Council and Renew Adelaide for the Market to Riverbank link, Bank Street, Adelaide. Photo: Pippy Mount.

Artists, policy makers, planners and other stakeholders are invited to join NAVA and research partners from RMIT School of Art to discuss the revised content on commissioning art in the public space in NAVA's Code of Practice; further lines of enquiry; and obstacles for the implementation and adoption of the Code across the industry. 

This is the third and final public art commissioning consultation held by NAVA following roundtables in Sydney and Melbourne. 

This discussion is part of ongoing consultation with members and the sector to inform a major revision of the Code of Practice. NAVA's Code of Practice is both a record and a benchmark of best practice across the Australian visual arts including legal, ethical and financial business practices, as well as thorough arts industry guidelines.


3.00pm welcome and introduction to the draft work on NAVA's Code of Practice

3.15pm panel discussion with Ali Gumillya Baker, Ruth Fazakerley and Sue Lorraine, facilitated by Esther Anatolitis

4.00pm participatory workshop and recommendations

5.00pm drinks