Art is a Real Job: Working with Galleries

Artist-led online event for secondary school students and educators which draws on recommendations made in NAVA's new Code of Practice, Thursday 23 March.

Image: Emma Pham, 2023.
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Details and Registration

Working with Galleries - Thursday 23 March 2023

Online | For students and educators

Registration required

8:00 am - 12:30 pm AWST Perth

9:30 am - 2:00 pm  ACST Darwin

10:00 am - 2:30 AEST Brisbane

10:30 am - 3:00 pm ACDT Adelaid

11:00 am - 3:30 AEDT Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney

Art is a Real Job is a national program throughout March 2023. Dissect and champion NAVA’s new Code of Practice via four artist-led online events, including workshops, studio tours and panel conversations targeted at secondary school students, educators and pre-service educators.

In this session, participants will engage with contemporary Australian artists Sam Gold, Nikki Lam and Lisa Sammut to explore ideas for working with galleries, learn about how good industry practice has helped shape their careers and navigate the art world with confidence.

Certificate of Attendance


Waiting room opens

7:15 AWST | 8:45 am ACST | 9:15 am AEST | 9:45 am ACDT | 10:15 am AEDT

The Art is a Real Job chat is moderated by NAVA Staff Georgie Cyrillo and Emma Pham.

Welcome (15 min)

8:00 am AWST | 9:30 am ACST | 10:00 am AEST | 10:30 am ACDT | 11:00 am AEDT

Welcome to all the student artists and educators joining us for Art is a Real Job!

Workshop with Sam Gold (60 min)

8:15 am AWST | 9:45 am ACST | 10:15 am AEST | 10:45 am ACDT | 11:15 am AEDT

Have your art tools and materials ready for a live workshop with artist Sam Gold.

Break One (15 min)

9:15 am AWST | 10:45 am ACST | 11:15 am AEST | 11:45am ACDT | 12:15 pm AEDT

Take a break to eat, hydrate and move!

Studio Tour with Nikki Lam (40 min)

9:30 am AWST | 11:00 am ACST | 11:30 am AEST | 12:00 pm ACDT | 12:30 pm AEDT

Let artist-curator Nikki Lam take you behind the scenes in his studio.

Break Two (30 min)

10:10 am AWST | 11:40 am ACST | 12:10 pm AEST | 12:40 pm ACDT | 1:10 pm AEDT

Take a break to eat, hydrate and move!

Panel Exchange (30 min)

10:40 am AWST | 12:20 pm ACST | 12:40 pm AEST | 1:10 pm ACDT | 1:40 pm AEDT

Sam Gold, Nikki Lam, Lisa Sammut and NAVA’s Alise Hardy answer your questions in this live panel conversation.

Break Three (10 min)

11:10 am AWST | 12:50 pm ACST | 1:10 pm AEST | 1:40 pm ACDT | 2:10 pm AEDT

Workshop with Lisa Sammut (60 min)

11:20 am AWST | 1:00 pm ACST | 1:20 pm AEST | 1:50 pm ACDT | 2:20 pm AEDT

Have your art tools and materials ready for a workshop with artist Lisa Sammut.

Farewell (10 min)

12:20 pm AWST | 1:50 pm ACST | 2:20 pm AEST | 2:50 pm ACDT | 3:20 pm AEDT

Thank you and see you at the next Art is a Real Job on 30 March!

Certificate of Attendance


Artist Sam Gold leaning over their work, in white clay, and smiling. Sam has dark hair, glasses and is wearing a brown and black shirt.

Photo: Thomas McCammon

Sam Gold


Sam Gold is a queer and nonbinary South Australian artist living and working on Kaurna Yerta. Sam has become known for pinch-style coiled sculptures and vessels that push the structural and conceptual capacity of clay. Their work materialises a kinship between their physical body, their psychological and emotional self, and the clay body, allowing them to explore states of futility, failure, resilience and grit. Subtle shifts in form, shape and texture produce a somatic archive - “…your body is the only boundary for clay. You are the profile.” Sam is a highly awarded artist and has exhibited widely in South Australia and nationally. They are represented by Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide.


Artist-curator Nikki Lam sits with her back to the camera, showing her face looking to the left. She sits in front of a camera mounted on a tripod.

Photo: Leah Jing.

Nikki Lam


Nikki Lam is an artist-curator and producer based in Naarm. Working primarily with moving images, her work explores hybridity and memory through the contemplation on time, space and impermanence. Born in Hong Kong, Nikki’s work deals with the complexity of migratory expressions, with her current research focusing on artistic agency during cultural, social and political transitions, particularly within the context of screen cultures. She is also drawn to relational modes of practice, exploring this in her expanded practice of writing, exhibition and festival making. Nikki's work has been shown widely across Australia and internationally, physically and digitally. She is currently co-director of Hyphenated Projects and Hyphenated Biennial, curator-at-large at The Substation, and is a current PhD (Art) candidate at RMIT University.

Lisa Sammut sits facing the camera with a slight smile. She wears a black tshirt.

Photo: Jacquie Manning

Lisa Sammut


Lisa Sammut’s practice encompasses sculpture, collage, video and installation. Her playful and poetic works oscillate between notions of cosmic perspective, belonging, connection and time. Lisa has exhibited widely in Australia, undertaking several recent large-scale projects and has completed commissions for both public and private spaces. Her work has also been recognised in several prizes, as well as featured in publications including Artlink, Artist Profile and Art Guide Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art with Honours (2012) and Master of Fine Art by Research (2018), both from UNSW Art & Design. Lisa currently lives and works in Ngunnawal/Ngambri Country, Kamberri (Canberra).


Do you have a question for one of the artists?

During the Panel Exchange artists will be answering your questions.

Materials List

Workshop with Sam Gold

  • Hand building clay (Sam suggests 1 bag per 12 students of white raku like Keynes)
  • Buckets and sponges for washing up and cleaning
  • Boards for students to make work on (if you don't have access to boards, Sam suggests using a sheet newspaper folded in half and half again)
  • A cutting wire and pin tool to open the bag and divide clay (for educators)

Workshop with Lisa Sammut

Each participant will need:

  • A small hand-held artwork that you’ve made (i.e. sculpture, ceramic, drawing, painting, collage, photograph) or a found object.
  • Phone or tablet with camera
  • A light source (i.e. a lamp, torch, spotlight, projector or the light on your phone)
  • A variety of backdrops (i.e. mirror, coloured paper or cardboard, fabrics)


Will Professional Development Certificates be provided to educators?

Certificates of attendance linked to AITSL standards will be provided via email following the session. Please complete a new registration for each educator or pre-service educator attending to ensure you receive your certificate.

What materials and tech is required to participate?

Educators are to provide materials and equipment for their students or self. A materials list, suggested webcam and Zoom instructions will be provided via email prior to the event/s.

Is Art is a Real Job accessible?

These online events via Zoom will be closed captioned and Auslan interpreted.

Will Art is a Real Job be recorded?

Unfortunately, NAVA doesn’t currently have the funding to cover licensing fees needed to publish a recording of Art is a Real Job. This may change in the future and we encourage you to sign up to NAVA's Newsletter to be notified if we are able to secure extra funding to pay licensing fees to the artists involved. In the meantime, you can access NAVA’s Teacher Toolkit for ideas on using the Code in the classroom and with young people.

Can independent artists/arts workers attend Art is a Real Job?

Art is a Real Job is for secondary school students and educators working either within schools or with young people in the community. NAVA considers teaching artists or artists working with young people as art educators too. We welcome artists to register if this describes their practice. If you are still unsure, you can visit the Education and Workshop (Chapter 7) section of the Code.

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