NSW Artists' Grant Winners 2018

Round 1

Marian Abboud - Sister + Sister + Sister + Sister (+ Brother) + Sister

FAIRGO - Two-Down

Susan Fell Mclean - Gondwana Colour, Artist in Residence and exhibition at House of Hope

Owen Leong - Original Nature

Heather Matthew - Field Notes (Notes du Terrain)

Paired exhibiting artists

Amelia Wallin and Maria Smit - A Manual of Care

Round 2

Terry Burrows (Bathurst Regional Art Gallery)Objectivity

Keg de Souza - Common Knowledge & Learning Curves Publication

Todd Fuller, Catherine O'Donnell and Kellie O'Dempsey - Hardenvale - our home in absurdia

Emily Hunt - New work in Spellbound at the UQ Art Museum

James Nguyen - Sentient

Elizabeth Pulie - #80 exhibition at Knulp

Marikit Santiago - Mahal

Julian Talarico - Here in the subtext of our everyday lives

Salote Tawale - Residency at Wysing Arts Centre, UK

Joe Wilson and Chanelle Collier - Residency at the Cite Internationale des Arts

Round 3

Heath Franco - BREATHING ROOM at Alaska Projects

Caroline Garcia - Primavera 2018: Young Australian Artists

Angela Goh - Scum Ballet in The Public Body .03 at Artspace Sydney

Anja Loughhead - An Internet Explorer

Del Lumanta - Community Guidelines

Catherine O'Donnell - Urban Abstraction

Victoria Peel - Artist in Residence - Parliament Hill

Lisa Sammut - CAMP Video & Installation Art Residency with Laure Prouvost

Shahmen Suku - The Divine Game

Kai Wasikowski - Soft Hands

Round 4

Sarah Dugan - Horizon

Natasha Frisch - Artist in Residence 3331, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo

Mojgan Habibi - Silence Speech

Astra Howard - Artwork Display Program Kings Cross Library

Fiona McGregor - Archive sorting and distribution; website update

Sean O'Keeffe, Carolyn Eccles, Adam Deusien - Liverpool Aged Community Performance Project

Emily Parsons-Lord - Cementa: we drive so fast it feels like falling

Tessa Zettel - Atlases, Herbariums & Rituals: An Incomplete Atlas of Extinctions in the People's Republic of China

In the Making exhibiting artists - In the Making, Project Contemporary Artspace

NSW Artists' Grant Winners 2018