NSW Artists' Grant Winners 2019

Round 1

Mladen Stilinović Study Centre - Lost Rest

Heather Burness - Honeysuckle Interference

Alison Clouston & Boyd - The Art of Threatened Species: Ctenophorus mirrityana

Sabella D'Souza - 🍕🙏🏾❤️

Charlotte Haywood - Green Asylum exhibition at Logan Gallery

Katy Plummer - Armour for Flowers

Alexandra Spence - Hong Kong Arts Centre Residency and Sydney Non Objective Gallery Exhibition

Abdullah Syed Muhammad Iyhab - Bloody Fair Dinkum Mate!

Jen Waterhouse - ibis to pink flamingo

Round 2

Ernest Aaron & Andrew Aaron - Amplified

Tully Arnot - Creation of new artwork Bird Song, during community workshops, for solo presentation at Coventry Biennial in October 2019

Nancy Constandelia - Cite Internationale Arts Paris Residency

Fernando do Campo - Mentorship with Carlos Motta in New York

Mandy Francis - Complete a body of work for exhibition

Alexander Jackson Wyatt - Immurement

Gabrielle Jones - Blur

Nadia Odlum - Palazzo Monti Residency Program

Sarah Rodigari - Present at Let's GO Outside, Making Art Public

Round 3

Lilium Burrow - Silk and Bed Sheets

Anna Maria Antoinette D'Addario - Farewell Angelina, Photo Lux Photobox Award, Ceiba Editions

Ash Garwood - Church of Ego exhibition with 280A collective

Karen Golland - Mad Honey

Shivanjani Lal - Echoes over Oceans

Tait Lorenzo & Enoch Mailangi- HORSES

Lynsey McGee - Untitled Space Residency

JD Reforma - Remittance Advice

Rochelle Summerfield - Crossroads

Round 4

Connie Anthes - Soft Infrastructure

Joanna Kambourian - Artist in Residence at 'Nest' Institute of Contemporary Art Yerevan

EO Gill - Cleave

Audrey Newton - Pilotenkueche International Residency Program

Consuelo Cavaniglia, Matthew Hopkins, Biljana Jancic - division, dispersion, friction – investigating space through sound, installation and optics

Taloi Havini - development of the premier publication of the artist

Markit Santiago - Research travel to the Philippines in preparation for 'For Us Sinners'

Alun Rhys Jones - Male Man

Ghasan Saaid - Revealing and Concealing

NSW Artists' Grant Winners 2019