With the support of the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund, NAVA presented a 3-year series of national online panel discussions that interacted with a live audience to explore critical and often controversial issues affecting the visual arts, craft and design sector.

Contemporary Curating

What are the responsibilities of curators today?

Coby Ann Edgar

Curators Coby Edgar, Bec Dean, and Nick Tsoutas discuss the role contemporary curators play, and address how the nature of, and approaches to, curatorial practice in Australia has changed.

Art Education

What is the state of art education in Australia?

Pat Hoffie

Arts practitioners and educators Pat Hoffie (Griffith), Mikala Dwyer (SCA) and Vic McEwan (Cad Factory) discuss art education, the need for different models and approaches to learning, and how artists and educators can respond to the changing landscape of education.

Visible Craft

The Politics of Making

Lou Weis

Karina Clarke, CEO, Design Tasmania and Lou Weis, Creative Director, Broached Commissions share their thoughts and experiences on visible craft: the politics of making.

Public Space

Artists working outside the gallery

Maria White

Artists and curators, Maria White and Tristan Meecham discuss the hierarchies of power that control public space, and what is gained or lost when artists seek to exert influence in the public domain as a site of activism.

Risk Taking

What does it mean to be a risk taker?

Latai Taumoepeau

Arts practitioners Latai Taumoepeau, Jess Cook, and Clare Cooper discuss risk taking within the context of creative practice, innovation, failure and change, the need to stimulate audiences, and the role that local governments and arts boards can play.


How do we shape the socio-political landscape?

Megan Cope

In the first in our series, Megan Cope, artist, Quandamooka woman, and Brigid Noone, artist, curator and educator discussed how ‘difference’ in relation to the arts, shapes the socio-political landscape of Australia today. As a starting point they explore how the issues of gender, ethnicity and culture impact the decisions of artists, institutions and government bodies.

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This project was supported by the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund.