Episode 56: Rohin Kickett

Esther Anatolitis chats to NAVA Board Member and Nyoongar artist Rohin Kickett about Art Centres and key issues around Indigenous art production.

Photo of man with short black hair wearing black hoodie, black glasses and shorts, seated to the right of a work in progress painting on a wooden easel in an art studio.

Image: Rohin Kickett in his studio, provided by Rohin Kickett.

Rohin Kickett is a NAVA Board Member and Nyoongar artist from the Balardong region Western Australia. Rohin’s artworks are inspired by his family stories, and explorations of the Balardong region. His artworks represent the Nyoongar region by aerial view landscapes in an abstract style, while also exploring alternative ways of mark making. 

Rohin has exhibited in various group exhibitions, including Danjoo - Interwoven, Midland Junction Arts Centre in Swan, Revealed at the Fremantle Arts Centre and the Raw Artists Perth in North Perth. His work has been exhibited in a range of Western Australian galleries such as the Yonga Boodja Aboriginal Art Gallery, Maalianup Aboriginal Gallery and Kings Park Aboriginal Gallery. 

Edit by Rebecca Stegh
Music by Marcus Whale
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