States and Territories

NAVA's responses to various state government actions.

New South Wales

Arts Funding Decisions

Don Harwin, ABC

Together with NSW’s leading arts organisations, NAVA shared its grave concerns for the future of the NSW arts sector, following the shock announcement in July 2018 that Round 2 of the Create NSW Arts & Cultural Projects fund had a success rate of 2.7%, among the lowest in Australian history. 

In September 2018, NAVA expressed further alarm at the news that money was taken from a NSW Government fund intended for independent artists, and redirected towards an unspecified “special project”, as published in an exclusive piece by the ABC’s Michaela Boland using documents obtained via a Freedom of Information request. 

Inquiry into the music and arts economy in NSW


NAVA endorsed the joint submission made by the state’s leading industry bodies in recommending ministerial oversight on all aspects of the night-time economy, as well as planning controls and incentives that encourage appropriate activity to balance community and commercial interests.

NAVA own submission and appearance before the parliamentary inquiry in Sydney on 28 May 2018 are referenced in the final report here.

City of Sydney

Open Creative City

In late 2017, NAVA made a submission in response to the City of Sydney’s Discussion Paper ‘An Open and Creative City: planning for culture and the night-time economy’, with particular focus on proposed Action 3: Allow minimal impact small-scale cultural uses without development consent.


Public Consultation

Queensland roadmap

In Queensland, plans are underway to develop a “10-Year Roadmap for the Arts” and a public consultation is now open. Called Creating Queensland’s Future, this comprehensive approach situates the arts in a broader cultural and creative sector and is also looking for contributions from business and all levels of government. The consultation explicitly references the “period of rapid change” that characterises the entire state, and recognises the pivotal role of the arts in shaping the Queensland of the future. There’s a discussion paper to frame your feedback – be sure to have your say by 18 December.

South Australia

Budget Cuts

SA State budget

In September 2018, the South Australian Government has announced efficiency cuts to the public service including the arts as part of a major savings drive.




Victorians are going to the polls on 24 November 2018 and NAVA has issued an Election Report Card. It’s a very important time for Victorian Members to be contacting local MPs and candidates, and letting them know what the arts means to you. Victoria’s Creative Industries framework and the Creative State Strategy and a recent progress report outlines the state’s achievements against 40 commitments. 

City of Melbourne


The City of Melbourne released its draft Creative Strategy 2018-2028 in July with a call for feedback. NAVA posed some questions for artists, organisations, workers and residents to consider in responding to the draft in writing or via consultation sessions.

NAVA also made contributions to the consultation both through the online process and in person through meetings with senior staff.