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NAVA: in conversation is a fortnightly podcast series between artists, curators and organisations discussing the critical issues and ideas within our sector.

NAVA: in conversation

NAVA: in conversation is a fortnightly podcast series between artists, curators and organisations discussing the critical issues and ideas within our sector.

Alex Gawronski, The National, MCA
Alex Gawronski, 'Overhead', Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney as part of The National 2017

Episode 5: The National 2017 at Museum of Contemporary Art

This is the first episode in a series exploring The National 2017 exhibition on show in Sydney. We speak with featured artists and key curators of the exhibition at the various participating institutions. This week we are at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and curator Blair French is in conversation with two of the exhibiting artists Zanny Begg and Alex Gawronski about their work.

The exhibition is a presentation of new Australia art, curated across three of Sydney's premier cultural institutions - Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of New South Wales and Carriageworks and features over 60 artists. The National 2017 is the first instalment in a series of three, from 2017-2021.

As the exhibition comes to a close, we reflect on what it means to be a practicing artist in Australia, and what is 'National'. For more information about the exhibition, visit The National website. Please note, MCA exhibition wraps up on 18 June, Carriageworks on 25 June, and Art Gallery of NSW on 16 July.

Stay tuned for the next episode around The National, at Carriageworks.

Honor Eastly and the Starving Artist Podcast
Honor Eastly, founder and producer of the Starving Artist Podcast

Episode 4: Honor Eastly & the Starving Artist Podcast

For this episode of NAVA: in conversation, Melbourne-based artist and producer Audrey Hulm, (aka ADHOC) speak with Honor Eastly - founder and director of the very successful 'Starving Artist Podcast' Her podcast, released in April 2017, is an excellent series exploring the relationship between and challenges of art and business for emerging and established artists.

The conversation covers a range of challenges facing Honor in her work as an artist, producer and marketing director of her own creative practice, including social media, mental health and self care, collaboration and identity, and provides insight into establishing and dealing with success with projects.

You can listen to the episode below, and subscribe to NAVA: in conversation on iTunes, as well as subscribe to Honor's Starving Artist podcast via iTunes here.

Fluidity, The Women's Circus

Image courtesy of The Women's Circle, from 'Fluidity' by Penelope Bartlau & Chantal Wynter.

Episode 3: Gender Politics & Industrial Relations

In this instalment of NAVA: In Conversation, Melbourne-based artist and producer Audrey Hulm ( aka ADHOC) speaks with Devon Taylor, the Executive Director of The Women's Circus, a 26-year-old arts organisation with a strong legacy for fantastic community and artistic support programs for women. The Women's Circus is also a key player in the Arts West partnership, that harnesses a collective of Arts organisations to revitalise and celebrate their place in Footscray, Melbourne.

They touch on a broad range of subjects around Feminist legacy and gender politics, funding, and the increased pressure on the Australian Arts sector to provide advocacy and services to citizens, as health and welfare service providers face continued funding cuts.

Find out more about the Women's Circus, and ADHOC.

Mark Shorter and Sach Catts

Sach Catts & Mark Shorter, 'Chip Chop Chanty', 2017. Photograph courtesy of Alex Wisser.

Episode 2: Collaboration & Performance

For this episode we are on site with Mark Shorter and Sach Catts, at Cementa17. We listen into their conversation as they discuss their collaborative endurance performance work 'Chip Chop Chanty', the intention of the work and leaking water pipes.

Chip Chop Chanty invited the audience to watch and listen to the rhythms of labour, as the artist’s bodies were put to the test in a paddock, on a hill complementing, intervening and shifting the landscape.

This work was undertaken throughout the four days of the Cementa17 festival. It involved Mark digging a hole, and Sach, firstly felling a tree, then chopping it up for firewood, with both artists working from sunrise to sunset. At the completion of the festival, the hole was filled in, the wood distributed and the work finished.

In their conversation Mark and Sach, explore methods of collaboration and unpack the connections of work and labour both in practice and theory. They discuss and interrogate the concept of purpose, logistics, politics, and what it means to dig and occupy a hole.

We hope you enjoy their conversation as they grapple with the complexities of the performing body in a paddock in regional NSW.

Find out more information about Mark Shorter & Sach Catts.

Downtown Kandos

Cementa17 Festival. Photography Leah Haynes

Episode 1: Cementa17 & Regional Arts

Our first episode is on Wednesday 26 April 2017 and features conversations with artists and curators from Cementa17 Festival, in Kandos, regional NSW.

Cementa is a biennial Australian contemporary arts festival that takes place in Kandos, a small regional town located between Lithgow and Mudgee in Central West NSW. THe region provides the backdrop to which artists make, exhibit and perform work relating to the social, historical or environmental context of the town. Cementa17 is four days and nights of performance, sound, cabaret, interactive and electronice arts, video installation and ceramics presented at more than twenty venues in and around the town of Kandos.

For more information on the festival, and the exhibiting artists, head to the Cementa17 website.

The first episode features conversations with

  • Ian Milliss, co-director of Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation & Futurelands about the responsibility of artists in making social chance.
  • Aleshia Lonsdale, artist and Aboriginal Cultural Development Officer at Arts OutWest, about her own practice and the culture of Regional Arts. Aleshia has recently exhibited at Artlands, in Dubbo in 2016, and was part of the Leftfield II project with OranaArts. Aleshia also exhibited at Cementa15.
  • Nicole Welch, a Bathurst-based multi-media artist who produces stunning images of picturesque landscapes that have a loaded symbol implanted into each painstakingly-composed scene. We speak to Nicole about her current series of work, some of which is exhibited at Cementa17, titled Wildēornes Land, investigates the Blue Mountains wilderness from a historical, cultural and ecological viewpoint and is featured in the Blue Mountains City Art Gallery exhibition program 2017. Nicole is represented by Brenda May at MAY SPACE.
  • Sarah Waterson, new media artist and academic, about recreating a climate from Borneo in a hothouse in Kandos, and her work 'Hothouse' exhibted at Cementa17.
  • Ann Finegan, co-curator, director and founder of Cementa Festival, about how the festival all began and the curatorial process and intention.

Stay tuned for more updates and listen via iTunes and SoundCloud. Search for NAVA: in conversation and subscribe to our channels.

NAVA: In Conversation produced by NAVA, hosted by Brianna Munting and with special thanks to Andrew Haining & Marcus Whale.