The Artist Files

Nicole Foreshew

Nicole Foreshew is a Wiradjuri artist, writer and curator.

Christopher Bassi

Christopher Bassi is a Meriam and Yupungathi man based in Meanjin/Brisbane.

Samuel Luke

Samuel Luke is an artist working in illustration to explore his transgender identity and comics.

Dr. Bronwyn Bancroft

Bundjalung woman Dr. Bronwyn Bancroft is an artist, activist, mentor, and writer.

Tarik Ahlip

Tarik Ahlip is a multidisciplinary artist working on Dharug and Gadigal land. Working across film, sculpture, verse and sound, Ahlip’s practice considers poetics as capable of driving epistemic change.

Sasha Hill

Sasha Hill is a Yamatji/Noongar artist whose practice includes painting, jewellery and weaving. 

Claudia Chinyere Akole

Claudia Chinyere Akole addresses cultural identity, abstraction and mental health through her practice as an illustrator, cartoonist, designer, animator and educator.

Jayanto Tan

Jayanto Tan explores hidden cultural and self-identity through performance and installation using found objects, ceramic sculptures and authentic food.

Linda Brescia

Through projects that centre women’s experiences, Linda Brescia’s practice inquires into the dynamics of visibility and invisibility, masking, care and self-assertion.

Sue Jo Wright

Sue Jo Wright is a Sydney-based artist working primarily with photography, video, and textiles which explore her identity as a Deaf person.  

EJ Son

EJ Son is a Sydney-based multi-disciplinary artist, working across new media, sculptural installations, video and ceramics.

Kyra Kum-Sing

Kyra Kum-Sing is a Malera Bandjalan, Mitakoodi woman, curator, artist and consultant based in Sydney.

Emily Crockford

Emily Crockford is an artist who spans a broad creative practice encompassing painting, textiles and soft sculpture. Integral to her style is the use of bold, vibrant colour and intricate pattern making.

Taloi Havini

Employing photography, sculpture, immersive video and mixed-media, Taloi Havini's work is often a personal response to the politics of location exploring contested sites and histories connected within Oceania.

Caroline Rothwell

Born in Yorkshire, England, and based on Gadigal Country in Sydney, Caroline Rothwell has a research-driven practice investigating how ideologies and beliefs have shaped contemporary society.

​​Kalanjay Dhir

Kalanjay Dhir is an artist and musician whose work draws on popular culture, sci-fi and spiritual texts. He is based in Western Sydney on Dharug Land.

Gabriella Hirst

Gabriella Hirst is an artist who works between moving image and performance and is currently situated between Berlin and London.

Sancintya Mohini Simpson

Sancintya Mohini Simpson is an artist and researcher based in Brisbane, Australia.

Blak Douglas

Blak Douglas is a multi-award winning Koori artist, descending from the Dhungatti peoples of the NSW Mid-North Coast, and currently based in Redfern NSW.

Daniel Savage

Daniel Savage is a Canberra based disability activist and artist working primarily in photography, video and performance.

Jasmine Coe

Jasmine Coe is a Wiradjuri-British painter and silk scarf designer based in the UK.

​Latai Taumoepeau

Latai Taumoepeau uses faivā (performance practice) to explore considerations of race, class, the female body and the impact of climate change on island communities.

Noriko Nakamura

Noriko Nakamura is a Castlemaine-based artist whose work explores ideas of animism, ritual practice, and relationships between humans and the material world.

Allan Giddy

Allan Giddy is a New Zealand-born sculptor and installation artist based in Sydney.

Jeanette James

Jeanette James is a Palawa woman and traditional shell necklace stringer based in Tasmania.

Bhenji Ra

Bhenji Ra is a performance and interdisciplinary artist whose practice draws on her own personal history to reframe performance.

Dennis Golding

Dennis Golding is a Kamilaroi/Gamilaraay artist and curator exploring political, social and cultural representations of Aboriginal history through a critical lens.

Ionat Zurr

Dr Ionat Zurr is an artist, curator and researcher pioneering in the field of Biological Arts.

Richard Bell

Using a provocative, complex and humorous approach, Richard Bell’s work addresses contemporary debates around identity, place and politics.

Eugenia Lim

Eugenia Lim’s practice uses video, performance and installation to explore how national identities cut, divide and bond our globalised world.

Paula do Prado

Paula do Prado uses textiles as a language to express complex cultural intertwining.

Dacchi Dang

Dr Dacchi Dang has a research-based practice focused on the Vietnamese diaspora and the experiences and sense of identity of refugees.

Nadia Hernández

Multimedia artist, Nadia Hernández, portrays current political tensions, past resistance movements, acts of defiance and celebration.

Duncan Meerding

Duncan Meerding is a lighting and furniture Designer/Maker based in Tasmania, Australia. 

Vernon Ah Kee

Internationally renowned artist Vernon Ah Kee critiques Australian popular culture, specifically the Black/White dichotomy.

r e a

r e a  is an artist, curator, activist, academic, cultural educator and creative thinker whose work draws on a legacy of lived experience and the impact of intergenerational trauma, grief and loss. 

Philip Denham

Philip Denham is a Girramay Traditional Owner of the North Murray Area who creates traditional tools.

Jason Phu

Jason Phu works across drawing, installation, painting and performance, frequently using humour as a device to explore experiences of cultural dislocation. 

Nephi Denham

Nephi Denham is a Girramay Traditional Owner of the North Murray area in Queensland, who works in ceramics and sculpture.

Sai-Wai Foo

Sai-Wai Foo is a Melbourne based artist who manipulates and folds cut paper to produce volume and structure.

Damien Shen

Damien Shen aims to open the eyes of viewers to new ways of seeing Australian identity and Aboriginal art.

Jason Wing

Jason Wing is a Sydney-based artist who strongly identifies with his Chinese and Aboriginal heritage. 

Nasim Nasr

Nasim Nasr interrogates the different ways women can be invisible in plain sight across both Western and Eastern cultures.

Megan Cope

Megan Cope has a diverse practice that investigates issues relating to identity, the environment and mapping.

Kate Tucker

Kate Tucker considers the conundrum of making paintings in the digital age.

Louise Zhang

Louise Zhang is a Chinese-Australian multidisciplinary artist with an interest in horror cinema.

Greg Semu

Greg Semu is an autodidact ‘stills’ photographer, independent researcher, visual artist and philanthropist working in the field of community arts and social justice.

Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro

Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro are collaborative artists who reclaim and transform the fallout of consumer society in their practice. 

Karen Black

Karen Black’s painting practice explores time and space within global social, economic and political situations. 

Cyrus Tang

Cyrus Tang explores the notion that disappearance is an absence that can be a unique and expanded form of presence. 

Nici Cumpston

Nici Cumpston is an artist, curator, writer, educator and a builder of relationships.

Yhonnie Scarce

Yhonnie Scarce is one of the first contemporary Australian artists to explore the political and aesthetic power of glass.

Shireen Taweel

Shireen Taweel’s practice is rooted in cross-cultural discourse, where local-global dialogues influence her work through the refined processes of metallurgy. 

Vipoo Srivilasa

Vipoo Srivilasa works predominantly in ceramics, creating contemporary porcelain sculptures, vessels and figures to transmit a universal message about cross-cultural experiences.

Marian Abboud

Marian Abboud is a Western Sydney based artist working primarily with community through socially engaged actions in activism and popular culture.

Katherine Hattam

Katherine Hattam’s work encompasses themes of feminism, domesticity, time, autobiography and psychoanalysis. Her works combine a dual representation of the public and private spheres; they are locations for the intersection of memory, space and autobiography, littered with the objects and influences that have shaped her.

Gordon Hookey

Gordon Hookey was born in Cloncurry, Queensland and is a descendent of the Waanyi people. His politically charged work is instantly recognisable, using iconic symbols and bold comic-like characters in a vibrant palette of colours.

Eveline Kotai

Eveline Kotai works across painting, drawing, print and textiles. 

Torika Bolatagici

Torika Bolatagici is a Fijian-Australian multidisciplinary artist and academic currently based in Melbourne.

Tom Polo

Western Sydney based artist working with painting to explore the performative relationships of people within physical and psychological space.

Nadeena Dixon

Nadeena Dixon is a Wiradjuri, Yuin and Gadigal (Dharug -Boorongberigal clan) multi-disciplinary artist incorporating textiles, short video, photography and animation.

Paul Yore

Paul Yore is a Melbourne based artist exploring queer culture, politics and homo-eroticism.

Mikala Dwyer

Mikala Dwyer’s practice is developed through a series of evolving projects, connecting personal biography, site-specificity and research into theories of the occult and alchemy.

James Tylor

James Tylor’s work focuses largely on Australia's 19th century history and its continual effect on present day issues surrounding cultural identity.

Salote Tawale

Salote Tawale is known for work that draws on her personal experience of race, class, ethnicity and gender while growing up in suburban Australia.

Dan Elborne

Toowoomba (Qld) based artist, Dan Elborne creates ceramic installations, which draw from varying points of personal experience and significance.

Tarryn Gill

Western Australian based multidisciplinary artist, Tarryn Gill makes artworks spanning the mediums of sculpture, installation, photography, film, drawing, set and costume design and performance.

Benjamin Forster

Benjamin Forster is a 'miscellaneous' artist who works primarily with programming and technology.

Mason Kimber

Perth-born artist Mason Kimber is interested in the idea of ‘architectural memory’ and works with oil on canvas and traditional fresco techniques.

Frank & Mimi

Brisbane-based public artists, Emily Devers and Rick Hayward collaborate as Frank & Mimi.

Julie Gough

An acclaimed artist, writer and curator, Julie Gough's research and art practice involves uncovering and re-presenting subsumed and conflicting histories, often referring to her own and her family’s experiences as Tasmanian Aboriginal people.


Renowned for her work using the humble felt-tip marker, TextaQueen explores politics of sexuality, gender, and race, examining how visual and popular culture inform personal identity and the influence of ethno-cultural and colonial legacies on these dynamics.

Lawrence English

Brisbane based artist, composer and curator, Lawrence English works primarily with sound, and considers the body as part of the equation for listening.

Lauren Brincat

Best known for her task-based performances, Lauren Brincat was formally trained in painting, and considers Art as her first language and English as her second.

Angela Tiatia

Multimedia artist, Angela Tiatia explores contemporary culture, drawing attention to its relationship to representation, gender, neo-colonialism and the commodification of the body and place.

Olga Cironis

Czech/Greek Australian artist, Olga Cironis examines notions of belonging, cultural globalisation, appropriated histories and accepted attitudes on belonging in the Australian cultural and social landscape.

Hiromi Tango

The art of Hiromi Tango responds organically from one project to the next, exploring neuroscientific concepts through sculptural and performative practices.

Nicole Monks

A Wajarri Yamatji woman from Western Australia, Nicole Monks is a transdisciplinary artist and designer of Aboriginal, Dutch and English heritage.

Abdul Abdullah

As the son of a sixth-generation Australian and a Malaysian Muslim, Abdullah describes himself as an "outsider among outsiders" and through his work, offers a unique perspective on Australian culture and what it means to be a young Australian Muslim.

Deborah Kelly

Socially and politically engaged artist Deborah Kelly works across collaboration, collage and performative interventions.

Tom Moore

Born in Canberra and currently based in Adelaide, Tom Moore creates fantastical glass sculptures that are unconventional, compelling and technically rigorous.

Tess Allas

Curator and writer working in the field of Aboriginal art and cultural practice.

Wendy Sharpe

Contemporary Australian figurative painter, Wendy Sharpe is the recipient of numerous awards, grants and travelling scholarships.

Justin Shoulder

Interdisciplinary artist Justin Shoulder is particularly known for his spectacular performances that developed within the underground context of Sydney's queer performance scene.

Phaptawan Suwannakudt

Contemporary artist from Thailand, presently based in Sydney, working across tapestry and painting.

Dani Marti

Currently based in Cessnock NSW and works across video, installation and public art.

Tim Silver

Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Tim Silver has been exhibiting internationally for more than a decade.

Suzann Victor

Dr Suzann Victor produces public artworks and installations that respond to space and architecture with distinctive forms and ideas including kinetic works that move in space, and are themselves, moving experiences.

Heath Franco

Recipient of the 2015 NSW Visual Arts Fellowship (Emerging)

Connie Anthes

Visual artist working in painting, ceramics and installation.

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran

Currently based in Lidcombe, Western Sydney, Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran's multi-disciplinary practice spans sculpture, ceramics, painting, drawing and installation.

Khaled Sabsabi

Multi-media and installation artist

Justene Williams

Justene Williams is a Sydney artist whose work encompasses video, photography and performance.

Sarah Goffman

Sarah Goffman is an Australian contemporary artist whose works often involve her reuse of everyday consumable items, transforming discarded objects into socially engaged installations and assemblages.


Born in Maitland, New South Wales, Nell’s work deals with birth, sex and death understood through physical experiences of impermanence.

Tony Albert

Tony Albert (b. 1981, Townsville, Australia) weaves together personal and collective histories to create his unique assemblage works.

Lindy Lee

Lindy Lee is one of Australia’s foremost contemporary artists, with a career spanning three decades in Australia and internationally.

Sally Smart

Sally Smart has long been concerned with the feminine identity from both a contemporary and historical perspective.

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